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Dear Women, Your Man Is Cheap If You See These 12 Signs In Him

Some men form themselves in front of their women in an affluent look whereas they are actually cheap and ordinary. Many women have fallen in love with them owing to their rich impression since they don't get their packaging strategy easily. 

Knowing them may be hard for some women because those men will not say they are cheap by words but by their actions. If a woman can have a visual look at the actions, she will observe that her man is cheap and ordinary even if he wears a luxurious suit.

Dear women, you get no worry again. Here are 10 signs that your man is cheap.

1. If a man has nothing to benefit (from) his girlfriend except s.3.x in their relationship.

A man has many things to benefit from his girlfriend if he is valid. Many men have used their girlfriend to make it in life by seeking their advice and help. But if a man knows nothing except asking for s.3.x from his girl, he is a cheap man who doesn't value his future.

2. If a man is not shy to fart in his girlfriend's presence.

3. If a man always eats whenever he visits his in-laws.

An affluent man has to be always shy to eat a plate of food in his in-laws' house to show that he is not cheap. So if a man doesn't care about that and eats every time he visits her girl's parents' house, he is a cheap man.

4. If a man who is healthy and happy strong to work depends on his wife to eat and wear clothes.

A man who has the power to work and earn money but doesn't work is lazy. Especially when he depends on his girlfriend to sustain himself, he is not only lazy but also cheap. A lazy man is nothing but a cheap one.

5. If a man finishes up his drinks every time especially when his girlfriend pays the bill.

A man should be shy to finish his drinks when his man decides to pay his bill when going for wine. He has to show that he is not cheap by leaving some on the table.

6. If a guy leaves his wife because she asks him to buy her an ordinary iPhone.

A cheap man will always run for responsibilities especially the one he will need to spend money on. Dear woman, if you ask your man to buy you an iPhone while he is capable to do so but twisting words for you to escape your request, he is cheap and ordinary.

7. If a man can't resist the temptation to beat his wife in public.

A responsible man should never raise his hands to hit his wife at home let alone in public. It is the sign of a cheap man to beat one's girl either privately or publicly but hitting her in public is the worst one.

8. If a dude who is supposed to be calling her girlfriend flashes her to call him back.

9. If a guy borrows money from his girlfriend and does not pay her back.

I have seen some men who borrow money from their girls and will never want to pay them back. They will find something as an excuse until a woman overlooks their debt. A cheap man does such an act.

10. If a man says he prefers wearing cheap and shabby clothes to avoid lavish spending.

I wonder why a man who is earning money can't buy himself nice clothes to look stylish before his girlfriend. Wearing nice dress is one of things that entice women and make them to fall in love for a man. A cheap man will not want to spend his money on nice clothing because he will think he is wasting it.

11. If a man steals from his woman.

12. If someone reading this article can't like and share it because he has one of those signs mentioned above. 

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