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How My 3 Years Relationship Ended In 3 Months - David Seaga Shares His Love Story

A Facebook user with the name Dawid Seaga reveals how his 3 years relationship burnt down to ashes within a space of 3 months.

In his post in a Facebook group named "Love quote & Relationship advice for you" he narrated how he use to feel he had the most partner who will stand by him always not knowing it was all fake.. he realized it was all fake when a 3 years relationship ended in just 3 months.

In his post he said "All Along I told myself that I have a partner who will stand by my side always. God proved me wrong last year when I lost my job, car etc.. and in less than 3 months the relationship of 3 years was over.."

It painful when you love and don't get that same love back.

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