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If You Are Affected By Flood, This Is For You

For some weeks now, some local government areas in some States have been crying for help from Federal Government because of there land, house and Properties being destroyed by flood.

FG have looked into this situation and have provided a lot of relief to cushion the effects of flooding in the affected states.

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These are what the FG has done to cushion the effect of the flood in these areas.

1: The Director-General, Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NHSA), Mr. Clement Nze said the Presidential Committee on Flood Relief and Rehabilitation (PCFRR) has erected several hostels across the states, to serve as temporary relief apartments to affected victims in the states.

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2: Nze further stated that the Federal Government is also providing palliatives through the minister who supervises national emergencies and building structures that will ensure that during the next rainy season, some damages done this year will not happen again.

3: According to Nze, “Government is also seeing to it that farmlands lost bounce back and houses submerged and collapsed buildings are rebuilt. The government is supporting farmers in Kebbi with seedlings for two more planting seasons.

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