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Have You Notice Something Uncommon In 'RudeBoy's Newly Opened Boutique In Abuja?

It's Now becoming obvious that the twin brothers popularly known as P-square may not reunite again. They both have diverted into businesses apart from music.

Back in the days, Psquare was a wonder! Their sonorous and evergreen songs kept everyone on their feet asking for more.

Many people could not just have enough of their multitalented skills as they did not only sing excellently but garnished their music with skillful dance styles.

Ever since the Twin brothers have decided to part ways and become solo artists, fans are still asking and hoping that they will perhaps change their minds in the future.

That not withstanding, the Twins who now have their own families and responsibilities have included businesses alongside their individual music career.

Recently, Paul Okoye also known as Rudeboy launched a Boutique in Abuja. In the pictures of the Boutique he shared, we can see people in the Boutique feeding their eyes with the items on display.

However, did you notice something unusual in this particular picture below? 

It is usual for a Boutique to be well stocked with items. Coming from a big celebrity like Paul Okoye of Psquare, one would not have expected anything less going by his status.

But, something seems unusual and awkward here. How come in the Shoe section as shown here, there are only just 3 Shoes? One shoe on the upper shelf, another one shoe on the middle shelf and the last shelf below contains only one Shoe!

Reactions from fans who commented also pointed to the same observation as you can see in the screenshots below.

Anyway, let us hope that since the Boutique is still new, it will be well stocked with more Shoes in the future Incase there are only just 3 Shoes in the meantime.

On the hand, some other people were kind enough to congratulate him though.

Finally, what do you think about a Celebrity like 'RudeBoy' Psquare showing us only 3 Shoes on display in this picture?

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