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Story: The Oath – Episode 2

As they said “the love of money is the root of all evil”, this same money together with greediness is capable of unlocking someone’s true identity which may have been hidden for a very long time.

On Sunday night, i went to meet aunty Flory to tell her that i didn’t go to the office that Sunday, this time i was fully prepared to take any form of abuse from her because i had failed her for two days but to my greatest surprise, she didn’t say anything else apart from “OK” when i broke the news to her,

“Don’t forget it tomorrow while coming back” she told me as i was about leaving

“Thank you so much ma” i said happily as i retired to my house.
I slept like a baby that night because, everything about my day started and ended so smoothly.

I checked my coupon lists on my laptops when i got to the office the next morning being Monday and what i saw really gave my joy as so many people won including Aunty Flory, Sharon and I cos i also played that same bet. I bought drinks for my colleagues in celebration to my winning.

In the night that same Monday, i went to sharon’s house to give them their money, so when i got there. I greeted my aunt with a cute smile on my face, she noticed something fishy when she saw me, although she replied my greetings while plucking the vegetables she was to use for the soup she was planning on preparing..

“Aunty guess what” i asked

“What is it ??” she replied curiously as she stopped what she was doing.

“Aunty guess naa” i asked again while digging my right hand in my hand bag

“Ozioma tell me na, what is it??” she asked again more curious.

“That bet you gave me clicked and this is the money you won, #22,000 is for you and #8000 for your daughter” i said as i stretch my hand to give her a bunch of money.

She jumped up from the chair where she was sitting and gave me a Bear Hug then took the money from me as she kept singing praises to God. Her children started gathering to know why their mother was shouting, they all joined her as they get to know. I was busy laughing where i was standing.

I went home that day and met my mum at home.

“good evening mum” i greeted with so much happiness

“Good evening my daughter, how was work today??” she said as she continued with what she was doing.

“It was great. What of Dad??”

“He’s not back yet” Mum replied

“I’ve told him several times to stop keeping late night but he won’t listen. Anyways i won a very huge sum of money yesterday which the payment was made today and this is your own share” i said as i gave her a sum of #20,000.

She shouted as she stopped what she was doing, took the money and started praising me. This continued until my dad came back and ask what was happening but i shut him up with the sum of 15,000naira before telling him what was happening, the celebration continued until i was tired then retired to my room to sleep.

I slept like a baby because it was the best night of my life.

The next morning, I called the owner of the shop where i was managing that i wasn’t going to make it to the office that day because i had a lot of issues to handle at home which he granted my request without hesitation.

I took two of my friends Amaka & Stella to ShopRite where we had so much fun that Tuesday. I also bought new Tekno Camon 11 pro with the sum of #60,000 which was part of the money i won from the bet i played.

I also received a lot of calls and text messages from most of my relatives thanking me for what i gave my parents encouraging me to keep it up with my good work.

I overheard my mum telling aunty Flory about the money i gave them.

She said “I’m very proud of Ozioma my daughter. She’s just 17 and she just surprised her dad and i like this”

“She has shown that she will never forget you and your husband when she makes it in life” aunty flory said

To be honest, i felt like i was in heaven receiving all this praises and encouragement from people but in reality IT WAS THE BIGINING OF HELL FOR ME.

What is she talking about hell??

We’re going to find out on the next Episode.

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