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"Is This Actually Harry B" See Funny Throwback Photos Of Harry B And His Son That Got People Talking

I come to realize that money is actually sweet and a good thing to have despite having told that this same money is the root of evil.

Please some should take a look at the photo below and tell me if that is actually the Nollywood Harry B we all know now or another person because me I don't still believe it.

Harry B is highly recognized Nollywood Papa and also a rapper in the music industry, he refers to himself as "Papa Eze Ndi Ala" with the likes of Zubby Michael Who is known as "Eze Ndi Ala"

Harry B took to his Instagram page with this Throw Back Photo Celebrating his first biological son and also urges everyone to Join him and wish his handsome son a wonderful and a happy birthday.

Fan React To this Throw Back Photo asking if this is actually Harry B 

See the screenshot below:

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