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Unbelievable! This Is Why Woman Killed Her 4 Children & Burnt Them To Ashes

The world we live in is definitely a cruel world, many bad things happened in the same world we see ourselves. It is not new when you hear that a husband killed his wife, or a mother killing children for various reasons, this is very bad. These are sometimes caused by uncontrolled anger.

This is one of the reasons why you should always be able to control your anger at all cost. This is a news that happened in Zimbabwe our neighboring country. A woman known as Emilda Marazani is reported to have killed her 4 children and burnt them to ashes. This is a very bad thing for a woman to do to her own children, how do people feel killing the children they carried for whole 9 months.

According to her, she said the reason why she killed her 4 children is because her husband who is known as Lameck Brande is a womanizer who cheats on her with other young girls. And another thing that made her kill those innocent children was that anytime she is having a quarrel with her husband, he will always say that those children are not his. So these have made her very angry, then she decided to kill them all.


It was reported that she tied all her children's hands and legs in her house abd started cutting off their heads one after the other. After that, she then decided to burn down those children altogether with her house. She also took poison to kill herself, but the poison she took didn't work on her and her suicidal plan didn't work out for her.

Right now, she is in the hispital receiving treatment after the attempted suicide that failed. The Zimbabwean police visited the scene of the incident as you can see in the photos. No one knows her fate for now, may be when she recovers from the attempted suicide, then her case will be looked into.

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