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4 Mistakes Parents Make That Affects There Children Badly

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It's a very good thing to have both parents around while growing up because according to the Bible, our parents are our second God or will I say earthly God. 

For the fact that they are our second God doesn't mean they don't make mistakes, the do make mistakes and most times there mistakes always have a very bad effect not only on them alone but on there children. That's why I'm this article we are going to look at some of those mistake parents do that affects the child.

1. Not knowing the right words to use in front of their children: as a father or mother, you have to be aware that your child is learning by imitating most of the things you do so it's very important you make use of your words. Most times you will see parents saying all source of stupid thing while talking to there friends in front of their children.

2. Fighting in front of your children: i don't see any reason why parents should even fight lat alone bringing it in front of your children, I understand anger is inevitable but there are other ways you can manage your anger. Even if by mistake your children should catch you in middle of argument please try look for a way to cover that moment.

3. Not knowing when and how to make use of cane:  this is very important  in the raising of children, flogging a child at any point of any mistake is absolutely wrong.. most parents will use the portion of the Bible that "spare the rod and spoil the child" while training a child forgetting the other portion of the Bible that says "there's time for everything".. 

A friend of mine slept out of the house one night so when I cautioned him, he told me that he's not afraid, the only thing his parents will do is to flog him which he's not afraid of.

This is an evidence of what we just discussed. 

4. Failing to be your child's best friend: this is the most important aspect of our discussion, as a father, as a mother, look for a way to pierce into your child's heart, try to be the one he/she will always run to for advice of any kind, try to be your children a listening ear because failure to do so you will loose your child for good.
If you fail to be your child's best friend he/she will look for a best friend outside and will live under there beat friend's influence. If you are looking for tips on how to be your child's best friend you can visit www. for more.

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