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"Spoilt Generation" Look What This Secondary School Girl Was Caught Doing In The Midst Of Street Guys That Got People Talking (Video)

This our generation is really turning into something else, the rate at which young boys and girls misbehave in the street is a big thing that should be looked into. Parents too should also help in raising their children responsiby.

What brought up this article is a video I  saw on social media this morning, a secondary School girl in uniform dancing in the midst of boys on the street without an iota of shame.

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Not only was she dancing in their midst, they saw that as a privilege to be touching and caressing her in public, A girl her parents sent to school to learn and be useful to herself and Community.

Click on the link below to watch the video:

Tomorrow they will see her as a loosed girl that they will just enter freely. 

I just want everyone to look watch that video and tell me if that's right.

Don't forget to share so people can see.

Click HERE to watch the video

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