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Meet The Warri Bishop Who Claims That God Made Him Bishop Of The Whole World

Bishop Dikeji Miyerijesuis is the founder and bishop of God's Grace Ministry inc. world wide and  also referred to as a saint by his followers started doing the work of God In his early twenties.

Profkay media learnt that the bishop was a member of St James Anglican Church which was situated at Ojabugbe street in Okumagba layout, Warri, Delta State.

it was reported that he performed lots of miracles including casted out demons, healed the sick and cured numerous diseases While he was in St. James Anglican church. Because of this, he started pulling lots of crowd to himself even though he was just a Sunday school teacher then. Whenever he is not around, the church would experience shortage of members.

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Seeing that he's doing what others couldn't do, by healing various sicknesses and pulling lots of crowd to himself, he started getting some sorts of obstructions masterminded by what many people believed to be jealousy. After some time, the self acclaimed bishop of the whole world, founded his own ministry which he named God's Graces Ministry Inc. in 1993, with some of the members who followed him from the previous Anglican church.

Over the years, the church which is located at number 58 Arubayi street, Warri Delta state, has grown into something very massive with branches and millions of followers around the world in attendance. One of the things that is very common with Saint Dikeji Miyerijesu is that he destroys demons and covens often. Anywhere he goes to hold his annual crusades, he makes sure that he neutralizes the powers of witches and wizards oppressing the people of that community.

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This is the reason why he's also referred to as the demon destroyer (Osu). About six years ago, the bishop came out and said that God showed him a revelation. In the revelation, he said that he saw himself kneeling down before Jesus Christ and Christ laid hands on his head. While narrating his revelation to his members, he said that the hands of Jesus Christ was very heavy that it was almost impossible for him to bear the weight.

According to him, while on his kneeling state, God said to him that he is now the Bishop of the whole world. And that he should be referred to as such from that moment onwards. It was on this note his members started referring to him as the Bishop of the whole world, and a saint after they had done a divine ordination service to celebrate his new heavenly title.

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In 2018, the bishop of the whole world celebrated his 70th birthday and 50th anniversary in the ministry of God Almighty. The occasion which was tagged double celebration and divine ordination, swoop so many Nigerians off their feet as they were amazed about the alleged hundred million naira SUV that was gifted to the bishop by his followers. They thanked God for the good things that he is using the bishop to do for them.

The church has since spread her wings around the world with numerous branches in Nigeria and Africa at large, and it keeps growing sporadically every now and then. But the question some people are asking now is that, how is it possible for God to ordained him the bishop of the whole wide world? That question is still left unanswered. So, what do you think about the numerous titles of the man of God? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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