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5 Habits Every Dad Need To Teach Their Sons


Being a father is not only providing the family with food and other things. Being a father is a lot demanding. I know that providing for the family is the most essential thing in raising a family as father. 

If you are a father reading this article i want to tell you that your son/sons needs you to teach them how to be a man and not boys. Your boys need you to cultivate qualities that will make them exceed what people expect of them and turn them into good men. Here are 5 habits every dad need to teach their sons.


1. Thinking of others: the first habit a dad should teach his son is how to be intentionally kind, nowadays you see young boys speaking poorly about people and act selfishly. Therefore every dad should teach their sons how to show care and concern in the way they speak and act.

2. Being willing to try new things: if you observant as a dad you will find out that all your boys will like to do while growing up is to join you in almost all the things you do and the will want to try all of it for themselves before you know it they will start loosing their sense of wonder and curiosity. Therefore every dad need to instil into your sons they willingness to step up and try new things: new food, new adventure etc.

3. Losing Graciously: In January 2018, Lias Andersson served as captain of a Swedish team competing within the planet Junior Championships. At the highest of the trophy game during which his team was defeated by Canada, Andersson angrily threw his silver into the gang immediately after it had been awarded to him. What Andersson did therein moment expressed the feeling many people have once we lose: We hate it. it is vital that we teach our sons to lose well and to not miss the teachings which can be learned from losing. 

       4. Having Good Hygiene: Most boys i do know have a habit of playing hard. this may mean playing hard at sports and dealing up a sweat. It can also mean getting so engaged during a video game or other game that they lose track of some time. internet result, in either case, is that boys can tend to neglect self-care, forgetting to shower, to use deodorant, and thus the likes of. we'd wish to show boys to be good stewards of their bodies and to need care of themselves. This, in turn, will help boys to interrupt the stereotypes surrounding their hygiene.

       5: Loving People, Using Things: We sleep during a culture that gets this backward. The advertising and marketing machine goes out of its because of convince our sons of our essential need for more, newer, trendier things like phones and cars. The pornography industry teaches them that people are a commodity to be used. Among the foremost important habits dads need to teach their sons is what it means to put these back within the proper order. Obviously, this means explaining the risks of porn to them, but it can even be something as simple as asking them to look women within the eyes (and not at their chests). Once they learn what it means to love people, the other things likely will fall back to their rightful places as things to be used.

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  1. Very true especially number 1 and 4
    They all need to Know this


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