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Don,t Say "Both Of Them Did Not Go To School" See 10 Better English Sentences You Can Use To Explain Yourself

English is one of the 6 official languages in the world, it is the official language in Nigeria and sometimes most of us makes use of it wrongly, some of the we use in our everyday activities might sound perfect in the ear but when check on internet or text books you'll see how wrong it is. that's why we have outlined some of those sentence and there corrections.

10 incorrect sentences and there corrections

1. don't say "According to my opinion, he's right"  instead say "in my opinion, he is right"

2. Don't say "At the end they reached the city" instead say "In the end they reached the city"

3. Don't say "They Played football under the rain" instead say "They played football in the rain"

4. Don't say "The reason is because i believe it"   instead say "The reason is that i believe it"

5. Don't say "any of these books is good"  instead say "either of these book is good"

6. Don't  Say "Both of them did not go to school" instead say "Neither of them went to school"

7. Don't say "I have much work this morning" instead say "I am very busy this morning"

8. Don't say "He rode his bicycle and went home" instead say "He got on his bicycle and drove home".

9. Don't say "They came down from their bicycles" instead say "They got off their bicycles"

10. Don't say "shall we go there with our feet?" instead say "shall we go there on foot?"

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