Early Morning Prayer Points That Will Elevate You Today Being 11th January, 2021

Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, king of glory, I am that I am, everlasting reality we glorify you for what you have done in our life, we gives you praise for the unmerited grace you gave to us, we honour you for the life that you gave to us, neither is it be our power nor by our might buyby your divine love and grace that it was possible daddy we say may your name be highly exalted in Jesus name.

O Lord, we have sinned against you and gone short of your glory, daddy we call thee to forgive us our sins, clean away our atrocities so that we shall be clean and be able to be called your children in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Adonai, As we are about to leave our comfort zone in other to go into the street and toil the ground for our daily bread, father what ever we lay out hands today prosper us, uplift us, elevat us, let what ever we do be a blessing to us and family. Amen.

O Lord, you said in the book of Matthew that  we are the of the world, a city Built on a hill can not be hidden, there Lord let our light start and continue to shine in our family, in our community, village, state and country so that people see any glorify you in Jesus mighty name we pray.

You said in the book of psalm that you are fight against those that fights against us. Therefore father fight against what ever that will rise to fight against us today, we say may them never see there way towards us, 

I decree and declare to everyone really this that you are victorious in the mighty of Jesus Christ, Go And be blessed.