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Fiction: I Took An Oath With My Late Grandmother's Name Now She Has Started Appearing In My Dreams, What Should I Do

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This is a story if a young girl who practically took an oath so as to cover herself from the shame of guilt. She actually did it so that people will stop suspecting her of theft.

It all started one early morning when aunty Flory gave a girl named Ozioma a  bet9ja booking code to play for her at her shop where she used to work as a manager, Ozioma played the game for aunty Flory and siezed the betslip. Aunty Flory asked for her ticket but Ozioma kept posting her until the game won. 

It was a huge amount won by aunty Flory but Ozioma gave aunty Flory just #20,000 as her winning, Aunty Flory as a novice happily took the money.

Aunty Flory went to give the boy who gave her the game she just won some money as a token of appreciation later that day. After there meeting, Aunty Flory realized Ozioma didn't give her the full Money, she quickly ran home to confront Ozioma but Ozioma denied which made it a case to be investigated.

After days of investigation, Ozioma was found guilty, she had given aunty Flory #20000 out of #103,000. The interesting part of the story was that Ozioma denied it and was even threatening to call police for aunty Flory for Accusing her of theft.

Ozioma had given her mom and dad some money earlier that week claiming she won huge sum of money so her mom gave her her full support during these arguments. 

It was one week of quarrel which now involved almost all the neighbors but Ozioma kept denying even when the evidence is clear. The neighbors had to invite the CEO of the bet9ja branch where Ozioma was working so he can check the winners list on his computer which he did and it was still saying the same thing.

Now the pressure was much on Ozioma that morning, instead of her to accept what she did, she went inside of the house brought out her father's schnapp and kola then went straight to the middle of the compound and started swearing she also call her late grandmother to help prove her innocence. 

It's been some years now since all this happened, now Ozioma has started seeing her grandmother both in dream and reality, she's actually passing through hell now and she calls for advice and prayers.

Thank you.

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