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Join Me In This Early Morning Prayer And See The Miracle of God In Your Life Today

O'lord my God I glorify your holy name this moment on the hour, we give you all the honour for there's no one likes you, we reference your majesty for you alone are the king of all kings, for the gift of life which was not by our power nor by our might that it was possible but by your divine and loving grace which kept us alive father we bow our heads in honor saying may your name be uplifted above every other name in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Everlasting reality we call upon you for forgiveness, daddy we're worthy to be in your presence mighty Redeemer because we're all sinner therefore w plead with a broken hearts that u forgive us and accept us back as prodigal son and daughter in mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Daddy you said in your with that I your people shall humble thereselves and call you, turn away from there wicked ways that you will look down from heaven and heal there lands, therefore with great humility I call upon you in the life and lands of everyone reading this post on my blog that you should look down from up there and bless them, prosper them, deliver them, uplifte them in Jesus name I pray.

I prophecy to everyone reading this praying this prayer with me that from now till the end of today you shall receive good news that even you will be surprised how it happened...  The Lord will fight for everyone of you and you shall hold your peace.

Thank you Lord for you have done it again in the precious and wonderful name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

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